About PCM


Preferred Capital Management (PCM) is a wealth management practice in Dublin, Ohio. Over 35 years of experience has given PCM a unique perspective and motivation.

Preference is only possible when a choice exists. We all prefer to live our lives a certain way. While our individual desires may vary, there is one universal human truth: we all prefer to live a life full with purpose and meaning.

Fulfillment comes from choosing to use your talents and using them to contribute to the lives of those around you. We would all be joyous if we achieved this preferred life. However, this is never given to you. It is something you must pursue and discover. While we cannot define your purpose or give your life meaning, we can help give you more time to pursue it.

Time, not money, is the true currency of life. That is our belief. Would you rather use your limited time on earth working, or would you prefer to spend it on the things that bring you joy and give meaning to your life? PCM focuses on helping grow and preserve your wealth, and, subsequently, your time. Everyone at PCM shares this intrinsic value because we know it can empower you to pursue your preferred life.